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                         ecology and hydrology with ocean dynamics and productivity. Such 
                         connectivity of diverse components creates a self-regulated 
                         supersystem. To support the discussion on the supersystem 
                         hypothesis, we used a negative sigmoidal function is used to model 
                         the limiting effect of salinity on productivity using satellite 
                         data and spectrally analysed in the time domain. There are 
                         evidences that the Amazon river plume comprises different 
                         environmental regimes, or habitats, that are physically structured 
                         by the influence of the North Brazil Current, its seasonal 
                         retroflection, mixing and river discharge. The extended 
                         ecohydrology of the Amazon basin proposed here offers a coherent 
                         synthesis that integrates atmosphere and ocean dynamics with 
                         ecological changes of tropical forests (both natural and 
                         anthropogenic), rivers and marine primary production. Such an 
                         extended framework is designed to improve the diagnostic of the 
                         causes of environmental variability from interannual (climate 
                         change) to subannual scales of (precipitation and ocean 
                         circulation and productivity).",
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