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             abstract = "The Amazon region, by its geographical location, with influences 
                         of the Intertropical Convergence Zone, offers to optical sensors, 
                         the obtainment of images with high cloud coverage in the greater 
                         part of the year, which makes difficult and/or prevents the 
                         orbital images interpretation and can become an obstacle for the 
                         remote sensing and geoprocessing in the forests monitoring. 
                         Keeping this in view, it was implemented a cloud automatic 
                         detection tool, the Cloud Detection, which is available in the 
                         application TerraAmazon, developed by INPE and FUNCATE to give 
                         support to the projects, developed by the National Institute for 
                         Space Research (INPE) for the monitoring of forests. The present 
                         work applied different values to the parameters referring to the 
                         plugin Cloud Detection in the semiautomatic detection of clouds 
                         and shadows for WFI/CBERS-4 images, to verify which parameters 
                         collaborate for the efficiency of the detection and vectorization 
                         of the two targets in question. The results showed that the values 
                         of the morphological filters opening was the one who collaborates 
                         more for the differences in the vectorization; and there will 
                         always have confusion related to some water bodies that, because 
                         of theirs similar reflectance, they are detected as shadows, which 
                         can be edited manually and deleted of the mapping.",
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