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                         Campos SP, Brazil, in the time span ranging from 1991 to 2000. The 
                         input data were obtained from a digital database especially built 
                         in the scope of a FAPESP-funded research project entitled Urban 
                         Sprawl and Changes in the Urban Tissue: a Case Study in S{\~a}o 
                         Paulo State. The methodological procedures comprise the data 
                         pre-processing, parameterization, calibration, simulation, and 
                         statistical validation of the simulation model, which were 
                         executed in the Dinamica EGO platform, with the exception of the 
                         first procedure. The simulation result showed to be satisfactory 
                         in face of the attained agreement indices and the Dinamica EGO 
                         platform demonstrated to be robust for carrying out this modeling 
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