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             abstract = "Water quality in reservoirs is influenced by weather and climate 
                         forcing that determine spatial and temporal variations in these 
                         systems. Conventional techniques for water quality monitoring 
                         usually require considerable time and resources. The synoptic view 
                         of large areas and high temporal data acquisition frequency 
                         provided by remote sensing and satellite data telemetry constitute 
                         an alternative way to estimate water quality parameters when the 
                         relations between orbital data and those parameters are properly 
                         known. This work evaluates the influence of two cold front 
                         passages on the water color of Itumbiara reservoir, Goi{\'a}s, 
                         Brazil, using cluster analysis of MODerate resolution Imaging 
                         Spectroradiometer (MODIS) and in situ water quality data acquired 
                         from an autonomous moored environmental data acquisition system 
                         (SIMA). In these case studies it was observed that after the cold 
                         front events there was an increase of the compartments (water 
                         masses) showing that these events make this environment more 
                         complex. Images of the days after these events were used to 
                         understand the evolution of the water masses. The calculated 
                         relative water column stability indicates that the largest 
                         vertical mixing in the Itumbiara reservoir is observed in the 
                         winter. It is recommended the use of more than one SIMA dataset 
                         for future works, these techniques can also be performed in other 
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