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             abstract = "Nowadays, the Amazon Region counts on many different programs for 
                         deforestation and degradation alerts. Among them, there is the 
                         DETER-B System (Near Real Time Deforestation Deforestation 
                         Detection System), which presents satisfactory results when 
                         serving as a basis for enforcement of the forest damages. However, 
                         it is necessary to test new methodologies and sensors to obtain 
                         data referring to this theme. This paper aims to analyze the 
                         forest degradation patterns and to elaborate an interpretation key 
                         for medium spatial resolution images in the State of Par{\'a}. In 
                         order to keep making improvements and refining the data generation 
                         towards the enforcement alerts emission, it was replicated the 
                         DETER-B Systems methodology to map degradation areas in the State 
                         of Par{\'a} using AWifs images in the TerraAmazon software. The 
                         interpretation key resulted in six classes, analyzed for the 
                         period comprehended between October and November, 2014. The 
                         obtained results allowed the generation of tables with 
                         quantification data and the percentage of degradation polygons and 
                         also for the other classes , as well as a map that illustrates the 
                         degradation scenario in the study area in the analyzed period.",
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