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             abstract = "The Biribiri State Park is located in the southern 
                         Espinha{\c{c}}o range in Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and 
                         stands out for presenting great diversity of Cerrado vegetation. 
                         The park provides important habitat for numerous rare and 
                         endangered species This study aims to identifying and mapping 
                         different patterns of landcover and relationship between 
                         vegetation, soil and water using digital image processing, in 
                         order to support further actions of recovery and protection of the 
                         PEBI. For this purpose was used a Landsat TM image considering the 
                         following landcover class: forest, shrub, grassland, areas without 
                         vegetation and water body. Using a Geographic Information System 
                         (GIS) tools was confronted landcover map, soil map and hydrography 
                         data to analyze possible relationships. The classifications 
                         obtained satisfactory levels presenting a value of 95% of Overall 
                         Accuracy. The areas with grassland are the main forms of landcover 
                         in the park, occupying 61,4 % of total area. Land cover, soil 
                         classes and hydrography are closely correlated and the 
                         predominance of grassland formations observed is due to soil class 
                         characteristics in PEBI. The pattern areas without vegetation 
                         distribution tend to occur at the edges of the PEBI, associated 
                         which human presence, and the margin of the watercourses, showing 
                         a level of sedimentation of them.",
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