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             abstract = "This work aims to evaluate the TerraClass mapping for the year 
                         2014, in the municipality of Paragominas, State of Par{\'a}. The 
                         validation was made by comparing the mapping with the observations 
                         found in the field. Images of the Sat{\'e}tile Landsat-8, OLI 
                         sensor of the year 2014, path/row 222/062, 222/063, 223/062 and 
                         223/063 were used to aid in the field. Using this data it was 
                         possible to analyze the main representative classes in the area, 
                         including agriculture, urban area, forest, clean pasture, dirty 
                         pasture, reforestation, regeneration with pasture and secondary 
                         vegetation. The secondary vegetation presented 2,198.16 kmē, clean 
                         pasture with 3,332.29 kmē, agriculture with 896.75 kmē and the 
                         forest occupying 54.21% of the total area of Paragominas. The 
                         overall concordance index was 86%, corroborating the reliability 
                         of the mapping performed. The average error was 6% and the total 
                         value of discordance was of 14%. Concerning the secondary 
                         vegetation, pasture, agriculture, urban area and forest classes, 
                         they presented concordance higher to 50%, while regeneration with 
                         pasture and reforestation presented greater intensity of omission 
                         with 40,57% and 76,31% respectively. Inclusion errors were less 
                         than 40% for the secondary vegetation, pasture regeneration, clean 
                         pasture and dirty pasture classes. The field work was essential to 
                         validate and analyze the accuracy of the 2014 TerraClass Project 
                         for the studied region, which becomes important for the 
                         understanding of the dynamics of land use.",
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