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             abstract = "Amazon forests store large amounts of carbon in biomass and have a 
                         strong influence on the terrestrial carbon sink. Under growing 
                         human pressure and changing climatic conditions, these ecosystems 
                         are at the risk of turning from carbon sink to carbon source. 
                         Carbon cycling in intact Amazon forests is driven by the rate of 
                         tree mortality; canopy turnover size and frequency can be assessed 
                         using remote sensing data, yet the spatial and temporal 
                         variability of turnover across the landscape is unclear. We used 
                         multi-temporal airborne lidar data from intact and fragmented 
                         forest sites in the Tapajo\́s National Forest region in 
                         Brazil to estimate spatial and temporal patterns of forest 
                         dynamics between 2013-14 and 2014-16. Annualized canopy turnover 
                         rates within intact forests increased from a mean of 1.81% yr-1 
                         (range 1.68 - 1.95% yr-1) in the first interval to 2.85% yr-1 
                         (range 2.51 - 3.13% yr-1) in the second interval. Similarly, 
                         annualized turnover values in fragmented forests increased from a 
                         mean of 1.98% yr-1 (range 1.36 - 3.06% yr-1) in the first interval 
                         to 3.12% yr-1 (range 2.17 - 4.70% yr-1) in the second interval. 
                         The number of turnover events per unit area increased over time in 
                         both forest types, but the average size of canopy changes remained 
                         largely constant. These findings suggest that El Nin\̃o 
                         drought conditions may accelerate canopy turnover in all Amazon 
                         forests, highlighting the need for multi-temporal lidar over large 
                         areas to further constrain the Amazon carbon budget.",
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