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             abstract = "The first tests of the Goniometer by LaRaC (Laborat{\'o}rio de 
                         Radiometria e Caracteriza{\c{c}}{\~a}o de Sensores 
                         Eletro{\'o}pticos) are presented, with focus on its equipments 
                         functionality. First results showed anomalous behavior of the 
                         reflectance factor spectrum of a reference panel obtained at the 
                         end of a BDRF data colleting cycle. Since this, exploratory 
                         measurements were conduced to identify possible changes in the 
                         Spetroradiometer and light source behaviors during its warm up 
                         period. To investigate more precisely the influences of each 
                         equipment, individuals warm up tests were made, whose results 
                         indicated higher variations in the radiance spectral data due to 
                         changes in spectroradiometer functionality, meanly in wavelengths 
                         regions associated with the detector overlap regions (i.e. 1000 nm 
                         and 1800 nm). It was observed that the spectroradiometer achieves 
                         reasonable stability after a warm up period of 2,0 h, while the 
                         light source showed low variability. In order to verify possible 
                         correlations between data variability and environmental 
                         parameters, a thermo hygrometer was used to collect data related 
                         to these parameters, such as temperature and gases concentration, 
                         at the same time as the tests were made, whose results showed no 
                         correlation between them. Finally, data in a wavelength band was 
                         selected from individual tests to compare radiance in band data to 
                         spectral radiance data and, as result, the same behavior was 
                         observed in both data.",
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