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             abstract = "With the advent of new agricultural production techniques and the 
                         increased population and urban expansion, areas with extensive 
                         vegetation cover are slowly losing territory. The Pantanal is one 
                         of the Brazilian endemic ecosystems. It is one of the largest 
                         wetland areas in the world and is currently being threatened by 
                         the growing soy, sugarcane and cattle in the Midwest region of 
                         Brazil. In the extreme southwestern of the state of Mato Grosso, 
                         in the municipality of Pocon{\'e}, belonging to the Pantanal 
                         biome and to the ecosystems of savannah and forests, it is located 
                         the Parque Nacional do Pantanal Matogrossense (PARNA P. 
                         Matogrossense), one of the oldest Conservation Units on this 
                         biome. With the help of remote sensing tools and GIS, this paper 
                         aims to analyze the use and land cover of the Parque and its 
                         municipality belonging, Pocon{\'e}, using analysis and 
                         classification of Landsat 8 images on softwares like ArcGIS, Qgis 
                         and Spring, and verificating the production statistics of the 
                         municipality, collected in statistical studies of the Instituto 
                         Brasileiro de Geografia e Estat{\'{\i}}stica . Maps and 
                         demonstrative tables were elaborated in order to generate results 
                         to check if the existance of this Conservation Unit (PARNA) 
                         fulfills its objectives proposed by its Management Plan, that is, 
                         if within its limits, the Parque had no changes in vegetation 
                         cover by anthropic actions to date in this study.",
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