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             abstract = "The municipality of Paragominas is considered a model among the 
                         municipalities of the Legal Amazon, being the inspiration for the 
                         program Municipios verdes, because it was through him and other 
                         public policies that the municipality managed to leave the list of 
                         municipalities that more Deforested and has been showing an 
                         expansion of reforestation practice. This study aims to analyze 
                         the dynamics of land use and occupation in the municipality of 
                         Paragominas, from 2008 to 2014, with emphasis on reforested areas 
                         in the municipality, using maps with land use and land cover data 
                         derived from remote sensing and Geoprocessing. The results 
                         indicated that although Paragominas faced an apparent consolidated 
                         situation in relation to the dynamics of land use, it continues to 
                         suffer a huge loss of forest resources. However, this municipality 
                         also showed a high conversion of pasture fields to agriculture, 
                         forest plantations or regrowth areas. Despite being a region 
                         apparently consolidated in terms of space exploration, Paragominas 
                         continues to suffer a great loss of forest resources, which can be 
                         seen in the gradual increase of the areas of use, the changes in 
                         the areas destined to reforestation projects came from the 
                         increase of the planted areas And the diversity of plant 
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