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             abstract = "The state of Rio Grande do Sul, has a lot of rainfall problems, 
                         the largest being related to the hailstorm. The motivation of this 
                         work is based on the difficulty of the predictability of the event 
                         because this may happen in micro or mesoscale. A good analysis of 
                         this with remote sensing and in situ data is very important to 
                         calculate the indexes of instability, which have a great 
                         relationship not only to hail but with other phenomena. With the 
                         values found for these cases may be established thresholds for the 
                         same using computational techniques helping to the forecast. The 
                         cases chosen were those that had the greatest social and economic 
                         impact in the last six years and that occurred in the state of Rio 
                         Grande do Sul. In order to calculate the indexes we used the data 
                         survey of the Salgado Filho International Airport in Porto Alegre. 
                         The indexes are calculated: SWEAT index (Severe Weather Threat) 
                         CAPE (Convective Available Potential Energy), K (index K), TTI 
                         (Total Totals Index), LI (Survey Index) and SI (Showalter 
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