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                         anthropic activity in the Hydrographic Basin Rio {\'A}gua Azul in 
                         Rondon do Par{\'a}- PA, through remote sensing and Geoprocessing 
                         techniques, In the mapping of land use and coverage and of 
                         conflicts and between land use and the Areas of Permanent 
                         Protection (APPs). Used TM-Landsat 5 image of 1986 and 2001, and 
                         used OLI/TIRS-Landsat 8 imagem of 2015. Supervised classification 
                         was made with maximum likelihood statistical method and then post 
                         classification in Classedit. The classes used in the study were of 
                         dense vegetation, secondary vegetation, ground without coverage 
                         and agriculture. The delimitation of the APPs was carried out 
                         through the generation of the buffer zone (buffer) from the 
                         regular bed of water courses. For analysis of the dynamics of the 
                         use it used the tool intersect do Arcgis 10.1 For intersection 
                         between classes. The Basin has lost its dense vegetation (about 
                         33%), the APPs are at odds with C{\'o}digo Florestal and Most of 
                         the dense vegetation that existed in 1986 is ground without 
                         coverage It concluded that the Basin has been degraded over the 
                         past 29 years and the APPs of the river basin Rio {\'A}gua Azul 
                         Had Had changes of coverage on the sides of the rivers.",
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