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             abstract = "The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has increasingly in 
                         civilian and military applications. Normally the military 
                         applications are often realized in inhospitable environments, 
                         whether for geographical reasons or war conflicts. In order to 
                         fulfill this type of mission, it is important that the UAV be 
                         provided with an autonomous navigation system so that it can 
                         fulfill its flight planning without the need for human 
                         intervention during the whole period. The main autonomous 
                         navigation systems currently used are based on GNSS (Global 
                         Navigation Satellite System), whose technology is not of Brazilian 
                         domain. An alternative form is the development of an autonomous 
                         navigation system based on images. Due to the great complexity of 
                         this system, it is necessary to develop several tools that aid in 
                         the autonomous navigation. This work aims to develop a navigation 
                         aid based on shadow identification of an image or a sequence of 
                         images and the analysis of the data of the time and the location 
                         of the image, determining the direction of flight (Rumo) that the 
                         aircraft is flying, making any necessary corrections. The system 
                         was developed in C ++ language. Preliminary results indicated a 
                         great potential for the use of shadow identification in autonomous 
                         navigation aid systems.",
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