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             abstract = "This article reports on the approach of a research group to 
                         communicate alerts for the 2016 drought insoutwestern Amazonia. 
                         The Land Use and Global Change Studies Section (Setem) of the 
                         Federal University ofAcre has helped provide early warnings for 
                         climate extremes during the past 11 years when 
                         southwesternAmazonia faced three severe droughts in 2005, 2010 and 
                         2016 in the Madre de Dios/Peru Acre/Brazil Pando/Bolivia or MAP 
                         Region. In an effort to better inform and alert civil society in 
                         the three countries, theSetem group decided to disseminate 
                         information on meteorological data, fires and satellite images of 
                         the 2016drought via the Setem Facebook page. About 56,000 contacts 
                         were recorded from posts that included 6 articlespublished in 
                         local newspapers, 4 TV interviews and 31 newsletters. About 46 
                         emails sent to 150 more peopleand entities with detailed alerts. 
                         Research groups can provide complementary information for civil 
                         society aboutnatural disasters and help facilitate adaptation to 
                         extreme climate events.",
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