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             abstract = "The degradation of the forest is mainly due to deforestation, the 
                         lack of practice of sustainablemanagement of areas, fires and the 
                         fragmentation of the ecosystem and the satellites offer a good 
                         option tothe research work of active fire foci, since they allow 
                         the storage of the data collected by surface imaging,with 
                         chronological and locational information of the areas investigated 
                         This study aimed at burning fires inan area of indigenous land, 
                         located in M{\~a}e Maria, municipality of Bom Jesus do Tocantins 
                         Par{\'a}, from 2006to 2016. From obtained data the PROARCO and 
                         And the cartographic base of the accessions was detailedusing a 
                         Landsat 8 image from 2016. The processing was performed using the 
                         QGIS software and the resultsanalyzed in the MS Excel spreadsheet, 
                         the results demonstrate that even with the reduction of 
                         quantificationof fires, showing a dynamic use of the soil within 
                         the earth-indigenous would result in the vegetation 
                         covermodification. The distribution of heat sources in the 
                         M{\~a}e Maria Indigenous Land over the years has reduced,with 31% 
                         of them finding themselves 500 m away from the roads, showing that 
                         the closer to the roads, thegreater or the number of floodlights 
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