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             abstract = "The work looks forward to show the study on the situation of a 
                         rubber production region in face of the environmental law. The 
                         rubber represents a crucial raw material for different industries, 
                         such as transportation and military. Despite the fact that the 
                         rubber tree is naturally form the Amazon region, it is the 
                         northwest of the state of S{\~a}o Paulo where the main production 
                         of rubber is concentrated. Therefore, the study area is located in 
                         that expressive rubber production place and it was chosen by the 
                         project GeoHevea of the Embrapa Satellite Monitoring to study the 
                         sustainability in the rubber production. This paper is part of the 
                         GeoHevea project, which aims to use geoprocessing tools to verify 
                         the Permanent Preservation Areas (APP) situation, according to the 
                         law. It was used as reference the Law 12.651/2012 and the CONAMA 
                         resolution number 302. It was found that 70% of the APPs are 
                         appropriate with the environmental law and the main inappropriate 
                         use was due to crops (11,08%) and pasture (13,80%). The rubber 
                         trees represent only 2,54% of inappropriate land cover in APPs. As 
                         land management guidance, it is recommended to focus on changing 
                         those inappropriate land uses inside APPs to improve the 
                         environmental adequacy. Finally, the methodology seems to be 
                         applicable to the present objectives.",
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