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             abstract = "In order to evaluate the effects of fire in the Indigenous Land 
                         denominated Xerente, situated in the Brazilian State of Tocantins, 
                         the linear spectral unmixing model (LSUM) was applied in orbital 
                         images of the optical satellite Sentinel- 2/MSI to estimate the 
                         dry and green vegetation, soil and burned areas fractions that 
                         constitute study area. The imagery was processed in the free 
                         software SNAP, provided by the European Space Agency ESA. The 
                         modeling captured an extent of ~54,000 hectares (32%) of burned 
                         areas. The fuel load mapping detected ~55,000 hectares (33%) of 
                         the dry vegetation element, ~47,000 hectares (28%) of green 
                         vegetation and ~10,000 hectares (6%) of the soil component. The 
                         modelings results were considered suitable when compared to 
                         photographs taken in loco. Therefore, the LSUM was considered 
                         effective in the evaluation of fire management efforts in the 
                         Brazilian Cerrado.",
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