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             abstract = "In this work we consider the uncertainty of a 40 ensemble member 
                         run with an ensemble Kalman filter on the GEOS-4, both in the 
                         atmospheric model ensemble space and in the corresponding 
                         radiances space, obtained by applying the CRTM forward model to 
                         each model state over whole domain to the subset of 324 channels 
                         of AIRS. By calculating the weighting function profile and finding 
                         the level of its maximum, we are able to indicate the atmospheric 
                         levels where the satellite observation will most strongly affect 
                         the model state in the LETKF analysis. The radiance fields 
                         obtained show where the model uncertainties in the ensemble are 
                         and also where the assimilation of AIRS radiances should have a 
                         significant impact on the reduction of forecast error.",
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