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             abstract = "The swing-by maneuver uses a close approach with a celestial body 
                         to modify the velocity, energy and angular momentum of a 
                         spacecraft. The literature has several papers studying this 
                         problem, usually using a patched-conic approximation. In the 
                         present paper the swing-by maneuvers are studied and classified 
                         under the model given by the three-dimensional restricted 
                         three-body problem. To show the results, the orbits of the 
                         spacecraft are classified in four groups: elliptic direct, 
                         elliptic retrograde, hyperbolic direct and hyperbolic retrograde. 
                         Then, the modification in the orbit of the spacecraft due to the 
                         close approach is shown in plots that specify from which group of 
                         orbits the spacecraft is coming and to which group it is going. 
                         The results generated here are used to solve optimal problems, 
                         such as finding trajectories that satisfy some given constraints 
                         (such as achieving an escape or a capture) with some parameters 
                         being extremized (position, velocity, etc...). Three optimal 
                         problems are solved in this paper to show this application.",
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