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             abstract = "We probed for radio frequency interference (RFI) at three 
                         potential galactic emission mapping experiment (GEM) sites in 
                         Portugal using custom made omnidirectional disconic antennas and 
                         directional pyramidal horn antennas. For the installation of a 
                         10-m dish dedicated to the mapping of polarized galactic emission 
                         foreground planned for 2005-2007 in the 5-10 GHz band, the three 
                         sites chosen as suitable to host the antenna were surveyed for 
                         local radio pollution in the frequency range 0.01-10 GHz. Tests 
                         were done to look for radio broadcasting and mobile phone emission 
                         lines in the radio spectrum. The results show one of the sites to 
                         be almost entirely RFI clean and showing good conditions to host 
                         the experiment.",
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