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             abstract = "We have constructed the Mario Schenberg gravitational wave 
                         detector at the Physics Institute of the University of Sao Paulo 
                         as programmed by the Brazilian Graviton Project, under the full 
                         support of FAPESP (the S{\~a}o Paulo State Foundation for 
                         Research Support). We are ready to do a first test run of the 
                         spherical antenna at 4.2K with three parametric transducers and an 
                         initial target sensitivity of h~10-21Hz- in a 60Hz bandwidth 
                         around 3.2kHz. The parametric transducers to be used on the Mario 
                         Schenberg detector consist of reentrant klystron copper-aluminum 
                         cavities covered with a thin layer of niobium on the walls and on 
                         the oscillating membrane. The gap between the central conical post 
                         and the membrane is about 40m. Here we present a progress report 
                         on this transducer development related with niobium layer 
                         deposition in the transducer cavities and on the design of silicon 
                         membranes for the last transducer mechanical mode.",
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