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             abstract = "Morphological and electrochemical characteristics of boron doped 
                         diamond electrode in new geometric shape are presented. The main 
                         purpose of this study is a comparison among voltammetric behavior 
                         of planar glassy carbon electrode (GCE), planar boron doped 
                         diamond electrode (PDDE) and spherical boron doped diamond 
                         electrode (SDDE), obtained from similar experimental parameters. 
                         SDDE was obtained by the growth of boron doped film on textured 
                         molybdenum tip. This electrode does not present microelectrode 
                         characteristics. However, its voltammetric peak current, 
                         determined at low scan rates, is largest associated to the 
                         smallest Delta E-p values for ferrocyanide system when compared 
                         with PDDE or GCE. In addition, the capacitance is about 200 times 
                         smaller than that for GCE. These results show that the analytical 
                         performance of boron doped diamond electrodes can be implemented 
                         just by the change of sensor geometry, from plane to spherical 
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