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             abstract = "olunteered Geographic Information (VGI) is a phenomenon that uses 
                         the web to produce, assemble and disseminate geographic 
                         information pro- vided by volunteers. VGI techniques generate 
                         detailed geographical data with low cost, taking advantage of 
                         citizens local knowledge. The definition of a VGI protocol is 
                         crucial to improve the quality of citizen-derived geographical 
                         data sets collected by a project. Protocols are also important to 
                         facilitate the reuse of VGI data for other projects and 
                         applications different from what was originally collected. This 
                         paper presents a VGI protocol that was defined for the Pauliceia 
                         2.0 project and a web service that was built based on this 
                         protocol. Pauliceia 2.0 project aims to use VGI and crowdsourcing 
                         techniques to produce historical geographical data sets of Sa 
                         \̃o Paulo city from 1870 to 1940.",
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