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             abstract = "After years of flight operations, onboard failures and components 
                         degradation cause artificial satellites to behave differently from 
                         when they were conceived. Operational satellites simulator models 
                         thus require updates in order to reflect such changes. A software 
                         tool for autonomous reconfiguration of operational simulator 
                         behavior models is being proposed for this task. This tool 
                         evaluates the error between simulator parameters and corresponding 
                         satellite telemetry values, identifying discrepancies and 
                         triggering the reconfiguration process. This process consists of 
                         choosing one among several candidate models generated by applying 
                         successive changes to the behavior model, in order to minimize the 
                         error between simulated parameters and their telemetry 
                         counterparts, after which the simulator model databases are 
                         updated as needed. This paper describes the internal working of 
                         the behavior model updater module responsible for updating 
                         simulation parameters values.",
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