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             abstract = "The Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE) 
                         currently operates three main satellites, each of whom generates 
                         their own telemetry data for the engineering depart- ment to check 
                         the health of the satellite and of its subsystems. This data needs 
                         to be analyzed to evaluate whether the satellite will be able to 
                         keep nominal operations in the future. Telemetry data is 
                         characterized by its high dimensionality, making analysis 
                         difficulty and hard to gener- alize for other satellites. This 
                         work aims to present a study on On-Line Analytical Processing 
                         (OLAP) architecture alternative: the Data Cube. An overview of the 
                         Data Cube structure is presented, together with solutions that it 
                         might bring to satellite operations, and concludes by reviewing 
                         some alternatives in the literature.",
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