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             abstract = "Textile PAN-based carbon fibers have been achieved great interest 
                         in the scientific community due to their attractive properties and 
                         variety of applications. The manufacturing process, consisting of 
                         three main steps: oxidation/stabilization, carbonization, and 
                         graphitization/activation, is already well known, however, there 
                         are other types of surface treatments being studied. Heat and 
                         chemical treatments can significantly improve and prepare the 
                         surface for other materials. Therefore, this work is the beginning 
                         of in-depth research on the surface treatments of the textile 
                         PAN-based carbon fiber and its influence on the capacitive 
                         processes of supercapacitor electrodes. It was identified that a 
                         simple variation of time and temperature significantly alters the 
                         surface chemical groups of the material.",
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