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                         Layer (PBL) structure and characteristics, a new set of turbulence 
                         parameterizations to be used in meso-scale meteorological models 
                         has been developed. That is, expressions for the vertical profiles 
                         of the eddy diffusion coefficient Ki (i = u, v, w) are 
                         implemented. Using the classical statistical diffusion Taylors 
                         theory [5], and observed spectral properties and characteristics 
                         of energy containing eddies are employed to estimate these 
                         parameters [1]. The results of this scheme are shown to agree with 
                         previously used parameterizations, and observations too. These 
                         parameterizations give continuous values for the PBL at all levels 
                         0 < z < h, and all stability conditions: -infinity < L < infinity, 
                         where h is the PBL height and L is the Monin-Obukhov length. The 
                         new parameterizations are implemented in the B-RAMS, a meso-scale 
                         meteorological model [3]. Finally, a validation of the present 
                         parameterization is compared with other parameterizations: 
                         Smagorinsky [4] and Mellor-Yamada [2], and observational data 
                         collected from the Large Scale Biosphere (LBA) experiment.",
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