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             abstract = "Data assimilation is a step for improving forecasting process by 
                         means of a weighted combination between observational and data 
                         from a mathetical model. This procedure is essential for 
                         operational prediction centers for weather, ocean circulation, and 
                         atmospheric pollution. The goal here is to compare four schemes 
                         for data assimilation: Kalman filter [1, 2, 4, 5], optimal 
                         interpolation [1, 2, 4], variational approach [1, 2, 4], and 
                         artificial neural networks (ANN) [3, 5]. The multilayer perceptron 
                         is the approach used to implement the ANN. The assimilation 
                         techniques are tested on the Lorenz dynamical system. It is 
                         imorportant to note that ANN is a method recently developed, and 
                         its application is under study. However, all thecniques tested 
                         presented a good performance, depending on the ratio of sampling 
                         of the observations. From computational point of view, the ANN 
                         presented a best perfoamance, considering only a trained ANN.",
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