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             abstract = "Models for the simulation of urban land use change have 
                         continuously undergone refinements in the latest decades, what 
                         rendered them powerful tools to support decision-making, policy 
                         making and initiatives in the realm of town planning. They may 
                         meet the most diverse ends, such as the monitoring and control of 
                         urban growth, evaluation of infrastructure investment needs, 
                         identification of conflicts between urban expansion and site 
                         suitability, amongst others. This paper is committed to present a 
                         simulation model of urban land use change for the town of Bauru, 
                         located in the central west of S{\~a}o Paulo State, Brazil. The 
                         thereof generated forecasts indicate how the uncontrolled urban 
                         growth may represent serious risks to the water spring of the town 
                         and provide thus subsidies for assessing the human dimensions of 
                         the vulnerability resulting from threats to water resources due to 
                         processes of land use change taking place in the urban fringe of 
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