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                         Convective Systems (MCSs) initiated in West Africa and subsequent 
                         cyclogenesis in North tropical Atlantic Ocean. MCS data are 
                         obtained from a convective cloud cluster tracking algorithm 
                         (FORTRACC) using Meteosat observations. We argue about a 
                         continuing propagation of fragmented stratiform parts of MCSs 
                         after their dissipations in the ocean. Ten occurrences during 
                         2004-2005 of time lags and distances between MCS dissipations and 
                         hurricane initiations fairly agree with easterly wave propagations 
                         at a mean celerity of 9.7 m/s. It is shown that such a 
                         relationship occurs during a persisted SST anomaly dipole marked 
                         by a strong positive event in the Northern tropical Atlantic and a 
                         rather cold event in the Guinea Gulf.",
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