abstract = "The Southeast Region of Brazil is densely populated with high 
                         agricultural productivity, industrial activity and hydroelectric 
                         generation. Large precipitation deficits observed during the 2001 
                         austral summer over this region contributed to the worsening of 
                         the energy crisis that was occurring in the country, with 
                         unprecedented social and economic consequences. Reliable 
                         information on the beginning of rainy season was essential for the 
                         Brazilian government to manage the energy crisis. The purpose of 
                         this study is to determine the rainy season in this region and to 
                         warn the risk of using OLR data to estimate the beginning of it. 
                         Pentad (5-day averaged) rainfall and OLR data showed that when OLR 
                         data is used, the beginning and the end dates of the rainy season 
                         are wrongly anticipated and delayed, respectively. This suggests 
                         that one should be careful in using OLR data to obtain information 
                         about the beginning and end of the rainy season. The present study 
                         aims to provide useful information for the management of the 
                         impact of adverse climate conditions such as the one in 2001, 
                         analysed with rainfall instead of OLR.",
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