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             abstract = "We have performed high temperature nitrogen plasma immersion ion 
                         implantation (PIII) of Ti6Al4V by heating the samples for up to 
                         800 degrees C, using tungsten filaments inside the sample holder. 
                         Ion implantation was done with the high voltage pulser at 5 kV, 40 
                         lts duration and 400 Hz frequency, and a nitrogen glow discharge 
                         as the plasma source. Nanoindentation analysis of the treated 
                         surface indicated an improvement of 5 times in hardness for PIII 
                         treatment of 120 min. X-ray diffraction indicated the formation of 
                         Ti2N. Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) showed that the peak 
                         concentration is greater than 30% in the implanted nitrogen with 
                         the maximum penetration of 150 nm for the sample treated during 
                         120 min.",
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