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                         radiospectrograph. A complex, short and weak impulsive sample from 
                         the time series was analyzed applying a method which is based on 
                         the gradient pattern analysis and discrete wavelet decomposition. 
                         By analyzing canonical temporal variability patterns we show that 
                         the new method can reliably characterize the phenomenological 
                         dynamical process of short time series (N T103 measurements) as 
                         the radio burst addressed here. In the narrowest sense, by 
                         estimating the mutual information distance in the gradient 
                         spectra, we show that the fluctuation pattern of the short and 
                         weak 3GHz impulsive solar burst, with energetic amplitudes < 350 
                         SFU, is closer to the strong turbulence than to the weak 
                         turbulence alternative processes.",
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