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             abstract = "Mariner-10 spacecraft flybys by Mercury in 1974-1975 revealed that 
                         this small planet has a weak intrinsic magnetic field. As a result 
                         of the interaction of this planetary field with the solar wind, a 
                         magnetosphere is formed around the planet. Because of the strong 
                         interplanetary magnetic field and solar wind flow at Mercurys 
                         orbit and of its weak intrinsic magnetic field, this magnetosphere 
                         is much smaller than the terrestrial, even scaled for the 
                         different planet sizes. Nevertheless, interesting plasma 
                         processes, including waves, can be studied in the Mercurys 
                         magnetosphere. In this work, we use Mariner-10 highest resolution 
                         (25 vectors/s) magnetic field measurements to study ULF waves in 
                         the Mercurys magnetosphere. This study is conducted with wavelet 
                         transform, which enable us to identify the main frequencies 
                         present and their variability in time. We present the wavelet 
                         spectra for several regions in the Mercurys magnetosphere, from 
                         the magnetopause surroundings to the Mariner-10 closest approach 
                         to the planet. The wave periodicities close to the magnetopause 
                         were found to vary from 2-10 seconds, while the periods are 1-2 
                         seconds deep in the Mercurys magnetosphere.",
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