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             abstract = "Ionospheric plasma irregularities or bubbles ( regions with 
                         depleted density ) are generated at the magnetic equator after 
                         sunset due to plasma instabilities, and as they move upward 
                         mapping along the magnetic field lines to low latitudes. They are 
                         determinant factors to cause scintillation. The ionospheric 
                         scintillations affect the performance of GNSS (Global Navigation 
                         Satellite System). Scintillation occurs when a radio wave crosses 
                         the ionosphere and suffers a distortion of phase and amplitude. 
                         Scintillation in the signal amplitude and phase contributes to GPS 
                         ( Global Positioning System ) receivers loss of lock, decreasing 
                         the number of available satellites and consequently the 
                         possibility to get a good satellite geometry GDOP (geometric 
                         dilution of precision ). A good geometry is necessary to get 
                         accuracy and to attend aerial navigation requirements. The 
                         ionospheric irregularities present a large dependence on solar 
                         flux, local time, season, latitude, longitude and magnetic 
                         disturbances. During magnetic storms direct penetration of 
                         eastward magnetospheric electric fields, occurring during the post 
                         sunset hours, can intensify the prereversal electric field thereby 
                         enhancing the irregularity process, or triggering irregularities, 
                         even during epochs outside of the irregularity season in Brazil. 
                         Disturbance dynamo westward zonal electric fields during some 
                         magnetic storms can reach low latitudes with a delay of 9 to 30 
                         hours after the storm onset and reduces the plasma upward drift 
                         during day and downward drift during night. In this way the 
                         prereversal vertical drift peak is inhibited / reduced in 
                         amplitude and, as a result, the ionospheric irregularity 
                         generation is weakened or inhibited.",
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