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             abstract = "A surface fire spread model based on stochastic cellular automata 
                         is proposed and its dynamics is characterized and analyzed. The 
                         model attempts to model the dynamics of the fire surface spread in 
                         vegetation fires that occur under flat terrain and no-wind 
                         conditions. Each cell is characterized by one of the three states 
                         that are: vegetation cell, burning cell and burnt cell. The 
                         dynamics of fire spread is modeled as a stochastic event with an 
                         effective fire spread probability S which is a function of three 
                         probabilities: the proportion of vegetation cells across the 
                         lattice, the probability of a burning cell become burnt, and the 
                         probability of the fire spread from a burning cell to a neighbor 
                         vegetation cell. A set of simulation experiments are performed to 
                         analyze the effects of different values of the three probabilities 
                         in the fire pattern.",
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