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                         high spatial resolution images such as Quickbird and Wolrdview-2. 
                         Compared to low spatial resolution images used before, like 
                         Landsat TM and ASTER, high spatial resolution images were found to 
                         show robust details in the resultant change maps. Various methods 
                         were tried to get better results. Simple waveband arithmetic such 
                         as image differencing and image ratios using multiple and single 
                         wavebands were tried. Major disadvantage encountered in these 
                         methods is the fact that they could not distinguish what changed 
                         but just demonstrating where the changes occurred. Moreover, other 
                         factors such as atmospheric effects, sensor orientation and image 
                         reflectance differences were found to affect the quality of change 
                         maps. Apart from the above, change vector analysis (CVA) and 
                         statistical methods such as Euclidian distance and Bhattacharya 
                         distance were also tried. NDVI difference images were used to 
                         create change maps and also used in combination with visible and 
                         infrared difference images. Finally a post-classification change 
                         detection is also tried to analyze the quality of change maps. All 
                         these methods were carefully analyzed for their suitability in 
                         urban change detection.",
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