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                         tree crown level using hyperspectral CASI imagery and full 
                         waveform LiDAR data. Unmanaged forest reserves are characterized 
                         by growth stage diversity, high crown closure, multi-layering of 
                         the canopy and the non-existence of a pre-ordered spatial tree 
                         distribution. To be able to classify trees at the tree crown level 
                         in these highly structured closed forests, an algorithm for 
                         delineating tree crowns need to be developed that can handle a) 
                         expansive crowns with large branches exhibiting a huge amount of 
                         within-crown shadow, and b) crowns belonging to the sub-canopy 
                         that are partially overtopped or shadowed by neighbours. Using the 
                         LiDAR-derived canopy height model (CHM), a tree detection 
                         algorithm based on a Directional Local Filtering (DLF) is applied 
                         prior to crown delineation to automatically locate individual tree 
                         crowns. Tree crowns are subsequently outlined using object-based 
                         decision rules developed in eCognition. Following tree crown 
                         delineation, the mean-lit spectra derived from the hyperspectral 
                         CASI data of individual tree crowns are extracted to identify tree 
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