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             abstract = "Ensemble prediction is currently the state of the art in weather 
                         prediction due to the fact that it provides means for computing 
                         probabilities of the occurrence of meteorological events in a 
                         quantitatively way. However it is not a fail-safe system and one 
                         major cause is due to the uncertainties of the Nature that are not 
                         modeled into the computational system, generating a deviation of 
                         the prediction from the actual state of the weather. To minimize 
                         this deviation (to calibrate) several post-processing techniques 
                         over the prediction data have been applied. This work is about 
                         applying of a feed-forward neural network to calibrate the 
                         precipitation forecast produced by the CPTECs Ensemble Prediction 
                         System. The dataset is composed by forecasts of the rainy season 
                         from 2009 to 2011 over the La Plata Basin. The ensemble mean 
                         precipitation forecast and the neural network forecast are 
                         compared to the correspondent precipitation observations via Mean 
                         Absolute Error.",
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