abstract = "The interest in the role of the Suns activity on the climate 
                         changes has been revived by the concern and uncertainty 
                         surrounding the questions about the anthropogenic influence on the 
                         climate. The focus of these studies is more towards Earths surface 
                         and its response. Besides, to study the effects of solar UV global 
                         irradiation, which is the energy (dose) or the integral of 
                         irradiance over arbitrary time periods such as days and years, 
                         there is a need to quantify variations of solar UV energy received 
                         at the Earths surface and its dependence with space, time and with 
                         some particular meteorological conditions. The climate of a 
                         planet, such as Earth, at a given time may be primarily 
                         characterized by its surface temperature, and by the variation of 
                         the latter with latitude and season. Other parameters that can be 
                         taken into account are rain and relative humidity. In this work, 
                         monthly historical records (1970-2007) of temperature, rainfall 
                         and relative humidity at the Meteorological Station of the Federal 
                         University of Santa Maria (29S, 53W) and solar radio flux at 
                         10.7cm from NOAAs site were used to study the possible influence 
                         of the 11-year Solar Cycle over meteorological parameters for 
                         South America - South of Brazil (29S, 53W). Wavelets analyses 
                         were applied in order to find the coherence and cross-correlations 
                         in terms of direct or indirect effect of the solar cycle on the 
                         meteorological parameters for the surface and lower troposphere, 
                         the results are reported.",
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