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             abstract = "In this paper we report the effect of high temperature PIII of 
                         nitrogen on the chemical and physical properties of AISI H13 
                         steel. The implantation of H13 steels was carried out at different 
                         temperatures ranging between 300 C and 720 C. After the treatment, 
                         the surface morphology was drastically changed as observed by SEM 
                         analysis. Nitrogen penetration depth reaching up to 12 {\^E}m was 
                         achieved at 620 C and 720 C. The maximum hardness of about 592 HV 
                         was obtained for the sample treated at 470 C that is 17% higher 
                         than for untreated specimen. There was a decrease of the hardness 
                         values for temperatures above 470 C. The same hardness behavior 
                         with the temperature was confirmed by nanoindentation testing. 
                         Although an enriched nitrogen layer was obtained, no evidence of 
                         nitride compounds was detected by XRD analyses. On the other hand, 
                         improvements of the H13 steel tribological properties and 
                         corrosion resistance were obtained. The wear tests were conducted 
                         by pin-on-disk tribometer (rotating mode). The wear volume 
                         decreased by factor of 4.5 compared to the standard tempered and 
                         annealed H13 steel and 2.6 times reduction of the coefficient of 
                         friction was achieved. The electrochemical measurements were 
                         performed in 3.5% NaCl solution, pH = 6. Open circuit potential 
                         curves showed that the potentials are nobler for the PIII treated 
                         samples than for untreated specimen. In addition, the corrosion 
                         current density of the samples treated at 620 C and 720 C 
                         diminished to 3 ~ 10\−8 A/cm2.",
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