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             abstract = "Seasonal climate forecasts are forecasts of the expected climatic 
                         conditions in the forthcoming 3-6 months. Improvement in seasonal 
                         climate forecasts is a key issue for helping countries reduce 
                         losses due to weather and climate risks. In South America, 
                         seasonal climate forecasts already benefit governmental 
                         decision-making in several key areas such as energy production, 
                         agriculture, and water resources planning to minimize human and 
                         economical losses caused by extreme climate events (e.g. droughts 
                         and excessive rainy periods). For example, seasonal forecasts of 
                         precipitation are used for decision-making in hydropower 
                         electricity production in South America. Hydropower accounts for 
                         the major source of electricity production in several South 
                         American countries: 60% in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and 
                         Uruguay; and 40% in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Suriname. 
                         Improved seasonal precipitation forecasts can help South American 
                         governments to better manage these carbon-friendly electricity 
                         production programs \− a strategic element in the reduction 
                         of global greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the economies of 
                         South American countries also depend heavily on agriculture, an 
                         activity which can also benefit from higher quality seasonal 
                         climate forecasts. Improved seasonal climate forecasts can thereby 
                         clearly benefit the 370 million people who live in South America. 
                         South America.",
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