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             abstract = "Sunspots have a major 11-year cycle, but the years near the 
                         sunspot maximum show two or more peaks called GP (Gnevyshev 
                         Peaks). In this communication, it was examined whether these peaks 
                         in sunspots are reflected in other parameters such as Lyman-alpha 
                         (the chromospheric emission 121.6 nm), radio emissions 242-15 400 
                         MHz emanating from altitude levels 2000-12 000 km, the low 
                         latitude (+45 degrees to - 45 degrees) solar open magnetic flux 
                         and the coronal green line emission (Fe XIV, 530.3 nm). In the 
                         different solar cycles 20-23, the similarity extended at least 
                         upto the level of 609 MHz, but in cycle 22, the highest level was 
                         of 242 MHz. The extension to the higher level in cycle 22 does not 
                         seem to be related to the cycle strength Rz(max), or to the cycle 
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