author = "{The Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS)}",
                title = "Space Link Extension  Internet Protocol for Transfer Services - 
                         CCSDS 913.1-B-1",
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                 type = "Nota T{\'e}cnica",
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             keywords = "Recommended Standard.",
             abstract = "This Recommended Standard defines a protocol for transfer of SLE 
                         Protocol Data Units using TCP/IP. The Space Link Extension (SLE) 
                         Reference Model (reference [1]) identifies a set of SLE Transfer 
                         Services that enable missions to send forward space link data 
                         units to a spacecraft and to receive return space link data units 
                         from a spacecraft. A subset of these services is specified by the 
                         SLE Transfer Service Recommended Standards (references [2], [3], 
                         [4], [5], and [6]). The SLE Transfer Service Recommended Standards 
                         specify a) the operations necessary to provide the transfer 
                         service; b) the parameter data associated with each operation; c) 
                         the behaviors that result from the invocation of each operation; 
                         and d) the relationship between, and the valid sequence of, the 
                         operations and resulting behaviors. However, they deliberately do 
                         not specify the methods or technologies required for 
                         communications. The purpose of this Recommended Standard is to 
                         define a protocol for transfer of SLE Protocol Data Units (PDUs) 
                         defined in the SLE Transfer Service Recommended Standards using 
                         the Internet protocols TCP (Transmission Control Protocol, 
                         reference [7]) and IP (Internet Protocol, reference [8]) for data 
                         transfer and the Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1, references 
                         [9] and [10]) for data encoding. This protocol is referred to as 
                         the Internet SLE Protocol One (ISP1).",
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