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             abstract = "The magnetic response of the near-band-edge optical properties is 
                         studied in EuTe layers. In several magneto-optical experiments, 
                         the absorption and emission are described as well as the related 
                         Stokes shift. Specifically, we present the first experimental 
                         report of the photoluminescence excitation (PLE) spectrum in 
                         Faraday configuration. The PLE spectra shows to be related with 
                         the absorption spectra through the observation of resonance 
                         between the excitation light and the zero-field band-gap. A new 
                         emission line appears at 1.6 eV at a moderate magnetic field in 
                         the photoluminescence (PL) spectra. Furthermore, we examine the 
                         absorption and PL red-shift induced by the magnetic field in the 
                         light of the d-f exchange interaction energy involved in these 
                         processes. Whereas the absorption red-shift shows a quadratic 
                         dependence on the field, the PL red-shift shows a linear 
                         dependence which is explained by spin relaxation of the excited 
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