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             abstract = "The present work provides a new methodology to determine onset 
                         dates of the rainy season (ONR) in central Amazon (CAM) using the 
                         antisymmetric in relation to the equator outgoing longwave 
                         radiation (OLR) (AOLR) data, for the 19792006 period. Spatial 
                         averages of the AOLR () over the CAM for the ONR periods are 
                         obtained. These periods correspond to 25 pentads centered on the 
                         mean pentad for the ONR. The sign changes from positive to 
                         negative of the for the ONR periods indicate the transition from 
                         dry to wet season. Composites of several variables are done for 
                         pentads before and after the ONR dates. These composites show 
                         physically consistent features. The potential of the time series 
                         as an index for monitoring tasks is analyzed. The results here 
                         show that the for the ONR period captures the transition from dry 
                         to wet conditions in the CAM area during 2006. The advantages of 
                         this method are discussed. The new simple method proposed here 
                         seems to be efficient in determining the ONR in the CAM.",
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