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             abstract = "In this work, we present the results from CHAMP and COSMIC 
                         satellite measurements of neutral density, temperature, 
                         ionospheric density and electromagnetic disturbances in atmosphere 
                         and ionosphere registered before and during few 
                         Earthquakes/Tsunami. Three Sumatra tsunamis, SUM1 (26 Dec 2004, 
                         00:58:53 UT, Mw=9.1, 3.31N, 95.85E), SUM2 (28 Mar 2005, 16:09:36 
                         UT, Mw=8.6, 2.074N, 97.013E) and SUM3 (12 Sep 2007, 11:10:26 UT, 
                         Mw=8.5, 4.52S, 101.37E). For SUM1 and SUM2, CHAMP measurements of 
                         electromagnetic and electron density disturbances in the 
                         ionosphere are analyzed. For SUM3, COSMIC measurements of 
                         atmospheric and ionospheric disturbances are also analyzed. In 
                         first step, disturbances registered during these events are 
                         examined. In particular, their timespatial scale and spectral 
                         distributions are studied. Knowing these aspects, similar 
                         features, though in much reduced magnitudes and possibly in much 
                         slower timescale, are searched in the satellite data prior to 
                         these events. In this way, we could find disturbances which may be 
                         possibly associated with pre-tsunami activities. We also present 
                         computational simulation of possible excitation of disturbances 
                         near Earth's surface and in the atmosphere/ionosphere caused by 
                         tiny rock deformation in the lithosphere prior to an 
                         earthquake/tsunami. In first step, the study pursue an excitation 
                         of acoustic wave in the lithosphere caused by rock deformation, 
                         its propagation in solid Earth up-to Earth's surface and 
                         deposition of momentum and energy at the Earth's surface. In 
                         second step, excitation of neutral waves such as acoustic gravity 
                         waves (AGWs) caused by deposition of momentum/energy and their 
                         propagation in the atmosphere is studied using 
                         thermo-hydro-viscous fluid simulation. In third and final step, 
                         AGWs interaction with ionosphere is studied using 
                         thermo-hydro-magnetic fluid simulation.",
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