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             abstract = "Neutral winds obtained by meteor radar have been used to study the 
                         dynamics of the equatorial MLT region. In this paper we have used 
                         the wind measurements obtained from August 2004 to December 2006 
                         over S{\~a}o Jo{\~a}o do Cariri (7.4 S, 36.5 W), Brazil. The 
                         winds show long-term variations months as well as short time 
                         fluctuations on time scales of few days. The spectral analysis of 
                         the hourly wind series, besides presenting strong diurnal and 
                         semidiurnal power, also shows distinct power spectrum with peaks 
                         associated with low-frequency oscillations (2, 5, 6-7, 10, 16 day 
                         periods). Series of amplitudes of the tidal components were 
                         obtained and also showed periodic variability, which are 
                         associated with planetary wave occurrence with the same periods as 
                         the wind amplitudes. This association has been investigated and is 
                         discussed in terms of the proposed non-linear interaction between 
                         tides and planetary waves.",
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