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             abstract = "Rayleigh-Taylor (R-T) interchange instability mechanism. The 
                         instability is initiated from density perturbations at the 
                         bottomside gradient region of a rapidly rising F layer. Whether or 
                         not it could develop into flux tube aligned topside bubbles 
                         (plasma depletions) with cascading irregularity structures should 
                         depend upon: (a)-the intensity of the evening prereversal 
                         enhancement in the zonal electric field (PRE)/vertical plasma 
                         drift; (b)- the amplitude of the initial density perturbations and 
                         associated polarization electric fields possibly induced by upward 
                         propagating gravity waves (GWs); and (c)- the integrated 
                         conductivity of the potentially unstable flux tubes. Observations 
                         by different technique show large degree of day-to-day and short 
                         term variabilities in the ESF strength and occurrence rate that 
                         result from the factors a, b, and c. We focus in this presentation 
                         the competing/complementary roles of the PRE and GWs induced 
                         perturbations in the ESF variability during quiet as well as some 
                         magnetically disturbed conditions. The results to be discussed are 
                         based mainly on ground based radar, digisonde and optical 
                         measurements including results.",
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